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We Make More Effective Congresspeople (When We Manage to Get Elected)

Regardless of party affiliation, congressional women deliver more federal projects to their home districts and sponsor and co-sponsor more legislation than their male colleagues. In a study that was recently published in The American Journal of Political Science, researchers from Stanford University and the University of Chicago attributed women's political success not to some innate political instinct but to the fact that it's really hard for us to get elected (there are currently 360 men and 75 women in the House; 83 men and 17 women in the Senate). They theorize that women feel immense pressure to measure up, so instead of meeting expectations, we surpass them.

Petia Edison

BY IN Emerge America On 28-06-2016

Petia Edison Alumna Class of 2016 Emerge Kentucky 0 As a Public School educator, I am an advocate for my students and our community.  I feel the community and any public officer should be collaborating together to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity and experiences available.  As a member of a known social justice community organization, I have felt empowered to educate the constituents of their rights and teaching them to advocate or protest certain issues that arise that are inequitable or violates their rights.

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